duminică, iunie 26, 2005

Bob is inspiring

As per my Digital Refrigerator agreement, significant works in progress are to be posted here. Bob seems to have me thinking lately, so I thought I would put an unblemished version up.

Of course, here is the original:

And, here is my work in progress. It is one of those start chart things that you never really correctly...


duminică, martie 06, 2005

I consider this less than 1/2 done. Of course, the primary subject needs to be completed, and I will probably spend a 1/2 hour just on the face. I am nervous about smudging that up. Also, a lot of what is seen here is base coat. (I don't know art terms, I should look into that.) I will add shine to the car, but I have to look up how to do that. Also, a few other things that will pop out, including a few more details in the background (trees and stuff). --gh

sâmbătă, martie 05, 2005

It wasn't fair that I posted the incomplete drawing of Grover's Garage on my real blog. I at least promised to put such work on the Digital Fridge... So, here is a work-in-progress. I keep thinking that I would like to create a painting of each president. I think I have to redo Reagan, though. Well, here is our current chief executive of the union. It will take a while to get this right, I avoid painting people. --gh

joi, februarie 17, 2005

mid way...

I think I crossed the half-way point with "'G' is for Garbage."

Click to enlarge and stuff:


sâmbătă, februarie 12, 2005


This is probably my most detailed work to date. Make sure you click to enlarge it, because otherwise the jpeg compression makes it look all "furry."

"Jenn as Frida"

I'm not sure what to do next, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know..

Dr. m

marți, februarie 08, 2005

More Vector Art...

OK..I kind of have the hang of this now.

"Dr. m's Wife"

Dr. m

Vector Art....

So, awhile back I was lamenting to G-Had the fact that there are no free vector-based drawing programs out there. There are plenty of free raster-based programs that are nice (GIMP, etc), but I could never find a vector drawing program. Then, suddenly, I realized that I have at my disposal one of the worlds foremost vector editing packages, ArcView GIS 3.2. That's right, the image below was drawn using industry standard (well, 5 years ago industry standard) GIS software..

Click to make it enormous..


I was pleased, all-in-all, with ArcView's performance. Everything has to be polygon, for scaling reasons (this particular drawing had map units of kilometers, distance units of nautical miles..) It works basically like a low-tech drawing program, except that instead of a handy layer toolbox, you just have to create a billion different shapefiles.

I decided to do this picture, because I know how much Abbie likes it..I thought of doing one of Jen, but I thought that doing curls might be beyond my skill level in vector format, at this point....I will work my way up to curls..

By the way, this image is HUGE. Like Desktop-size. I might have to use this one for my desktop, until G-Had finishes garbage collector Cookie Monster..

Dr. m

luni, februarie 07, 2005

Here is a partial sketch of my current work. --gh

marți, ianuarie 11, 2005

Happy Jack Bluegrass Festival, 'Ought-Four

OK...so this is the first in a series of 'paintings' that pays tribute to some of the good times I've had here in Laramie. This one is of the Happy Jack Bluegrass Festival, from this past summer, which is held at an amphitheater in the rocks of Vedauwoo. It was a memorable night. Good times were had by some.

Music Under the Stars, '04

It started out pretty good, but went downhill fast...I got lazy.

Fair warning, this image is huge-normous.

Dr. m

luni, ianuarie 10, 2005

Work in progress.

I've been thinking of how I would use the Digital Refridgerator, since I will probably put most of my pieces on my own blog. Then it occured to me. I could fill you in on some of my works in progress! So, here is my latest work, titled: "Domestic Pinhead." I actually have never seen Hellraiser, but this character intrigues me nonetheless. One element is truly missing, and that is a kit-cat clock in the upper right side. I can just imagine Pinhead trying to catch up on his soaps whilst doing his domestic chores... The can of JOLT cola is inspired by "Lazy Sunday Afternoon," a work that I couldn't even begin to touch artistically...

I especially like the partial soccer ball and cinder block in Master Bird's work. Any suggested items that I can throw in at this stage? Help inspire me.

I am taking a break while formulating my next work in the Blue Collar Muppet series. I'll be on that before the month is out.


miercuri, ianuarie 05, 2005

Blue Collar Muppets

Here is a teaser for the original art. This still is not at the original size, but it is closer.


marți, ianuarie 04, 2005


I've always thought that if everyone in the world was required to watch a half-hour of Bob Ross painting every day, the world would be a much better place. Here is my lame tribute to this great man.....


Dr. m

vineri, decembrie 31, 2004

Muted Reagan with Pikachu.

This is the Fairly Crass version, not posted anywhere else. (This was the serendipitous result of a comment on an earlier version of Ronnie and Pika.)



Francis was the custodian at my undergrad university. He must have been one of the coolest guys ever. Coolest, in the "bewildered old man" sense of the word.

I started with the top image (a real one), and turned it into a first-person, shoot-em-up-style video game......as always, click to enlarge....

I call this one, "Francistein."

No actual Francis'es were harmed during the production of this image.

Thanks to GIMP - awesome, free, image-editing software.

Dr. m


I call this one, "Self-Portrait in Legos."

Dr. m

joi, decembrie 30, 2004


OK....so..the idea here is a digital art gallery, for the things that I, and perhaps my friend, G-Had, create....

I've been doing digital "artwork" mainly as a creative outlet, but also to learn new software, etc...G-Had has really inspired me with his beautiful surrealistic/realistic digital paintings..

Here are a few things I did today, since I'm still officially "on break" (click to enlarge..)

Top Left: Halloween Ought-Three, Simplified
Top Middle: Self-Portrait #425
Top Right: Bacon Fat Fish Fry
Bottom Left: Halloween Ought-Three, Warholified
Bottom Right: Halloween Ought-Three, Through Sangria Filter

By the way, I'm more than willing to share gallery space with any other interested parties...just let me know..

Y'all come back now, ya hear?


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